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October 5th


Frank Lloyd Wright adopted the term “Usonian” for the houses that he designed as affordable, practical dwellings for America’s growing middle class. Usonian homes were built to suit, not only the lives of the inhabitants, but also the surrounding natural environment. Thus as a result of his thoughtful design, the lives of those who lived in Usonian homes were enriched with beauty. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonia licensed product collection brings together the spirit of Usonia within a wide range of items that combine modern beauty with affordability. This new product line—now available for purchase via the Taliesin Gift Shop located in our Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center —is the first time Wright’s textile patterns are available as apparel and accessories, and includes an array of home decor and unique gift ideas such as:

 Coonley Forest Scarf

Taliesin Textile Tray

and the Taliesin Textile Statement Bag (pictured at top). And to see which homes around the country are original Usonian builds, visit this Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s digital archive.