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Taliesin Entry Foyer & Loggia Alcove Restoration

July 8th, 2017

Plaster and wood framing installed after Frank Lloyd Wright’s death had concealed a stone wall underneath.The wall was restored this week as part of the Entry Foyer and Loggia Alcove Restoration project.

At Taliesin, the Entry Foyer and Loggia Alcove create the striking entry sequence to the Loggia and Frank Lloyd Wright’s bedroom. In a partnership between Taliesin Preservation and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, this prominent space in Wright’s Wisconsin country home is now being restored to provide a closer look at the architectural fabric that existedinWright’s lifetime. The project will be completed by the spring reopening of the Taliesin tour season.

Distinctive stone walls that were concealed by plaster after Wright’s lifetime have been re-exposed, and broken “poke-out” stones have been replaced. Non-historic surface-run electrical wiring has been removed, and new wiring serving the area will be concealed within the wall. “Chinese Court Scene,” a now-fully-restored panoramic Chinese screen, will be returned to its historic location in the Loggia Alcove and will be installed behind museum-quality non-reflective Tru Vue Optium acrylic glazing. A photo reproduction of the screen that has been in place since the 1990s has been removed.

The restoration is related to a multi-year project to install conserved original Asian artwork at the Taliesin residence thanks to the generous in-kind support of T.K. McClintock of Studio TKM Associates Conservation of Fine Art and Historic Works on Paper and Tru Vue.