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A UNESCO World Heritage Site

September 17th, 2021

Taliesin Becomes Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Inspires the State

By: Anne Sayers, Secretary-Designee of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism

We take great pride in being the home state of the man that many call America’s Greatest Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

But it’s not just that he was born and raised here, it’s that Wisconsin was his inspiration.

You can see his love and reverence for this very special corner of Wisconsin in all of his work, but most especially here at Taliesin – his home.

While you can find his work across the globe, from New York to Toyko, there is only one Taliesin, a place where architects today still come to find inspiration.

Wisconsin Department of Tourism secretary-designee, Anne Sayers at Taliesin, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wisconsin Department of Tourism secretary-designee, Anne Sayers at Taliesin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

But it’s not just architects who find inspiration here – Wright’s work inspires anyone looking for connection to food, art, land, music, and even their own spirituality.

I have been lucky enough to spend a good amount of time here – in the home, on the grounds, and among the surrounding structures and I have to tell you – I am moved – in different ways – every single time I have the privilege of being here.

It’s the way his work can both excite and quiet the mind that draws people in and attracts visitors from all over the world to see this place – his home – nestled in the gorgeous rolling hills of the Driftless Region that he loved so much.

Wright said, “Wisconsin is my somewhere. I feel my roots in these hillsides and I know those of the oak that have struck in here beside me. The oak and I understand each other. Wisconsin soil has put sap into my veins. Why, I should love her as I loved my mother, my old grandmother, and as I love my work.”

When you visit this place, you can see how much he meant those words.

The UNESCO World Heritage listing will bring even more attention and attract more visitors. That’s a good thing, because we know each visitor will walk away with more meaning in their own lives, but we also know that they will have reason to discover more of Wisconsin while they are here, exploring the many additional ways our state delivers unexpected inspiration and joy.

Anne Sayers and Governor Tony Evers unveil the UNESCO World Heritage plaque on September 15th, 2021. Photographed at Taliesin, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Anne Sayers and Governor Tony Evers unveil the UNESCO World Heritage plaque on September 15th, 2021.

We are so lucky in Wisconsin because Taliesin is just one of the eight stops along our Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, a self-guided architectural driving tour across southern Wisconsin. It’s a perfect way to explore Wright’s significant impact on his home state –it showcases his boundless vision for good and meaningful living through personal homes, a conference center, a private business, a school, a church, even a warehouse!

The Trail allows visitors to see his vision and work up close, and along the way they have opportunities to experience Wisconsin’s gorgeous outdoors, our fresh culinary scene, our world-class hospitality, our diverse arts and culture, and so much more that Wisconsin has to offer.

Thank you to Taliesin Preservation, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and all of the volunteers dedicated to preserving Taliesin and providing incredible experiences and programming to help travelers discover the unexpected in Wisconsin.

Congratulations on this worldwide recognition.