Shining Brow Award Winners Announced

September 4th, 2018

Taliesin Preservation Recognizes Architectural Excellence
Organization reveals  Shining Brow Award winners

Friday, October 19, 2018
Hillside Drafting Studio
Spring Green, WI
$250 per person

In honor of Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy, Taliesin Preservation is proud to announce the 2018 Shining Brow award winners. This year’s Shining Brow Award Winner is Arthur Dyson and this year’s Emeritus Board member inductees are, David Uihlein, Jr., and Minerva Montooth. They were selected for their profound, enduring creative and professional excellence in architecture and the allied arts and sciences.

©David Swann

Arthur Dyson studied as a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice for almost a year before Wright’s death, and later studied under Bruce Goff. Wright reportedly said Goff was “one of the few creative U.S. architects.” Dyson launched his own California-based firm in 1969 and started winning numerous architectural design awards in the 1980s. Beyond architectural achievement, Dyson’s community involvement made him a clear choice for the Shining Brow award. He’s worked with the Audubon Society, California Arts Council, Fresno Historic Preservation, United States Green Building Council and many more.

©David Swann

Minerva Montooth, Taliesin’s longest-standing resident, has lived and worked on the estate since 1947. While she currently serves as the Director of Social Events, Montooth originally worked as Mrs. Wright’s assistant for 25 of years. Montooth is also one of the few remaining individuals who knew Mr. & Mrs. Wright personally. The Emeritus Board distinction recognizes her enduring commitment to making Taliesin a true living legacy to Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Preservation.

David Uihlein Jr. was instrumental in developing the very idea of “Taliesin Preservation” in 1990. Wisconsin roots and a dynamic architectural career provided Uihlein ideal insight to develop Taliesin Preservation as a Wisconsin-based organization for education and preservation of the Taliesin estate. The Shining Brow Award commemorates the Taliesin Preservation’s gratitude toward his significant contributions during his 13-year board tenure. Uihlein facilitated massive site stabilization and base restoration work, positioning Taliesin Preservation for future renewal projects.

David Uihlein, Jr. Uihlein/Wilson Architects, Milwaukee, WI (Retired)

Award recipients will be celebrated at The 2nd Annual Shining Brow Awards Gala on Friday, October 19, 2018. The gala magnifies Wright’s profound legacy through the preservation of his personal home and famed architecture studio, Taliesin. This year’s event features The E Street Band’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer Max Weinberg and a culinary dinner experience by celebrated Chef Luke Zahm in Taliesin’s Hillside Drafting Studio. Tickets for this limited-seating event are on sale. Visit the gala website to reserve tickets and explore sponsorship opportunities.