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June 5th, 2019


“A few weeks ago, I posted photos that showed new things I saw at Frank Lloyd Wright sites that I had visited ‘umpteen’ times. I was helping lead a Road Scholar tour and had told the guests that one of the joys of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture is the challenge of seeing his work in new ways on return visits,”
reveals author and photographer Mark Hertzberg in a blog post on Wright in Racine. 

Curious what caught his expert eye on a recent tour around Taliesin? Read on to find out!

Hertzberg is the author and photographer of three books about Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. An award-winning photojournalist, Hertzberg was director of photography of “The Journal Times” in Racine until his retirement in March 2012 and serves on the board of directors of Wright in Wisconsin. His new book “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Penwern: A Summer Estate” provides an in-depth view of a seasonal cottage designed by Wright on Delavan Lake in southern Wisconsin called Penwern. And Hertzberg discussed the modern color photos, vintage black and white images, and original Wright drawings included in the book—plus other relevant historical details—in a free event co-sponsored by Arcadia BooksWisconsin Historical Society Press and Taliesin Preservation earlier this summer.