Life in the Fellowship by F. Nemtin


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A compilation of informative and entertaining booklets about all aspects of life in Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship by longtime Fellowship member, Frances Nemtin.


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Frances Nemtin entered Wright's Taliesin Fellowship at the end of World War II following a stint as the acting director of the Milwaukee Art Museum and the production of an exhibit featuring the architect. Since that time, she has participated in every aspect of life at Taliesin, and became the master gardener for the Taliesin Estate in Spring Green, Wisconsin. This spiral bound book combines her stories regarding her life at Taliesin. Chapters include: Life on Midway Farm, Children at Taliesin, Zrazi, anyone? [about cooking at Taliesin], Music at Taliesin, Work at Taliesin, Taliesin Migrations [between Wisconsin and Arizona], Taliesin at Play, Web of Life [devoted to some of Wright's workmen at Taliesin].  Length: 241 pages, spiral bound. 18 illustrations (drawings and photographs in color and black & white).

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