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Phoebe Point Restoration

November 8th, 2016

Phoebe Point Landscape Restoration Begins

This winter, with completion of the current phase of restoration of the Welsh Hills prairies, attention has been turned to natural landscape restoration of Phoebe Point, a bluff high above the Wisconsin River opposite the Taliesin residence. Currently overgrown with invasive species such as red cedars and honeysuckle, Phoebe’s Point contains a quarry where stone was historically sourced for areas of Taliesin.

This winter, volunteers, and staff have begun removing invasive species by cutting and spraying the stumps with pesticide. Initial efforts are focused on area of the historic rock quarry. In future years, Taliesin Preservation may construct hiking trails to Phoebe Point to welcome visitors.

2020 Update

Invasive species, once removed, are burned.

Volunteers work to remove invasive species like red cedar.