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April 22nd, 2019

Taliesin Preservation’s historian Keiran Murphy’s weekly round-up of noteworthy FLLW resources.

A postcard taken in Taliesin’s middle court in 1913-14 looking east toward its living quarters, with a carriage in the drive. A door to one of the bays at the carriage house, and the chimney at Wright’s studio, are on the left. Also the eyes don’t lie: The person who prepared the postcard spelled Frank Lloyd Wright’s name wrong (with one “L” instead of two). This image is also in Randolph Henning’s vintage postcards book Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.


ThoughtCo. gives a nod to a list of 20 famous female architects (including one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first employees):

Daft Punkitecture Throughout the World:
A page with interesting architecture—and first photograph starts off in a structure by John Lautner, who was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright’s from 1933-1939.


“Fuermann Photographs”, Taliesin, Journal of the Organic Architecture and Design Archive, v. 6, n. 1 (Spring 2018) by Kathryn Smith (Wright scholar)
The images have been published in many sites related to Wright and Taliesin (in books, journals, and on-line). They were taken in 1912, 1920-25, and 1927-28 (before, between, and after its two fires). Plus another fun fact is former Wright apprentice Donald Kalec positively identified 51 photographs by Clarence Fuerrmann of Taliesin and its waterfall in this journal.

“Taliesin 1911-1914, Wright Studies, v. 1”, ed. Narciso Menocal (Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale and Edwardsville, Illinois, 1992).
A book of academic essays on Taliesin I (1911-14). At the time of its release, this was the source of information for the structure when it was initially constructed and before the first fire.

“Taliesin and Taliesin West”, by Kathryn Smith, 1997
A beautiful book with accurate information and a helpful narrative on Wright’s life. The book includes the history of all three of the homes that Wright designed for himself—his home and studio in Oak Park, IL, Taliesin, and Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ.