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Food Travelist 2019 Media Day Diary

May 1st, 2019

Food Travelist 2019 Media Day Diary

When you think of Frank Lloyd Wright, you probably think of his prairie-style designed buildings and homes which fully embodied his unique way of creating architecture that truly incorporated nature and the environment around it. An organic perspective fused with Wright’s own love of the land is evident at Taliesin.

Located near bucolic Spring Green, Taliesin is a special place. In Wright’s home, studio and school, be prepared to learn about much more than architecture. You’ll discover how he created a community where he, his family and his students could live, create, and work in harmony with the land on over 800-acres in southwest Wisconsin.

Part of his vision for Taliesin also included a farm and restaurant. Growing food and appreciating it as family, friends, and coworkers was—and still is—an important part of the Taliesin culture. And one of the latest culinary inspirations is the addition of Chef Bruce Evans as Food Artisan Immersion Program (FAIP) Manager.

Chef Evans follows the “leaf to root” philosophy of using every part of the ingredient from the certified organic farm Fazenda Boa Terra located on the Taliesin estate, in addition to other producers in the region. He will guide this year’s FAIP students through learning the “Wright approach” to architecture, art, farming, and food as they explore how each element compliments the others to achieve harmony. Students will also prepare daily handcrafted meals for the Riverview Terrace Café inside of the visitor’s center, plus additional onsite “foodie” events.

This means that your visit to Taliesin must include lunch. After touring the property, take in a serene panaroma from the café’s expansive windows which overlook the beautiful Wisconsin River. It’s a perfect place to experience the food of the region and reflect on all you’ve seen. You can also get a more immersive dining experience by attending Taste of Taliesin happening this September.

It’s impossible not to feel Wright’s presence and feel creative juices start to come alive. Bring a pen and paper. Write down your thoughts. Sketch something that inspires you. Admire nature and how the buildings afford stunning views without taking away from the landscapes. However you decide to experience Taliesin, it is well worth making a day of it. This is not a place to rush through, or do a quick drive-by. It lures you in with a sense of wonder and beauty that won’t soon be forgotten. Written by Sue Reddel, culinary travel professional and co-founder of Food Travelist