We build bridges between students and architecture. 

Our educational programs make architecture, art, and nature exciting and accessible for students and educators. This student-focused approach means that we can meet kids where they are.

Architecture, rooted in STEAM, helps us understand how interconnected the world is. Based on WI State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), our educational programs give students the ability and access to develop their STEAM skills to reach their full potential. We offer educational programs at Taliesin, in schools, and at home. During the programs, students and educators will understand the principles of Organic Architecture as embedded at Taliesin. Students will think about sustaining harmonious relationships between the natural and built environments. 


A (Design) Curriculum for Change: How Might We Live Now?

  • Students create, build, sketch, and display their work, which requires observation, critical thinking, and spatial planning skills.
  • Students learn to describe the relationship between the built environment, the human community, and the natural environment.
  • Students explore concepts of spatial planning and the various qualities of space in individual or group projects.
  • Students demonstrate how a model representation can help communicate ideas for a larger project.
  • Students demonstrate how a model representation can help communicate ideas for a larger project.


Field Trips

Students are guided in a wide variety of immersive experiences that expand insight, excitement, and engagement and change how they think about the world around them. Taliesin will inspire and motivate students who have curiosity and passion. We also offer specialty educator tours that focus on instructional tools based on Taliesin and Frank Lloyd Wright for you to take back to the classroom with you – all to inspire the next generation to explore architecture.

Taliesin Experience (Grades 6-12) Hillside School Experience (Grades K-12) Immersive Day (K-12) Educator Experience
Taliesin Experience (Grades 6-12)
Hillside School Experience (K-12)
Immersive Day (K-12)
Educator Experience


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