The Taliesin Food Artisan Immersion Program (FAIP) is a vision of a healthy environment that seeks to integrate architecture,  art, food, farm, community, and the land.

The multifaceted program draws its inspiration from Wright’s vision for Taliesin which is located within the Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. We believe that an integral a healthy food system is rooted in great cooperation between people, their community, and their environment.

Our goal is to provide farm to table practice and preparation to the emerging food artisans of this generation in order to advance their steps towards becoming a farmer, artisan entrepreneur, food educator, or foodservice professional.

The Food Artisan Immersion Program is geared towards candidates that possess some basic cooking skills and a desire to practice a more holistic approach to food. Candidates will learn the value of building relationships and connecting chefs, farmers, artisans, and the community to make a larger impact on the regional food system.

All kitchen skills, techniques, recipe development, and food preservation practices will be taught. Assigned readings will be given weekly. Each week will include our integral values, such as scaling to the community, reliance on seasonality and regionality, the importance of seed, breed, and husbandry in ingredient development, and respect for our ecological partners in the natural world.

Our goal is to expose emerging food artisans of this generation to our regionally reliant food systems in order to advance their steps towards becoming a farmer, artisan entrepreneur, food educator, or foodservice professional.

Program Location

The Riverview Terrace Cafe is the home for the Food Artisan Program at Taliesin and laboratory for local integrated food service.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Riverview Terrace”  was Wright’s only exclusive restaurant design. It was intended for travelers and locals alike, and to be the gateway to Taliesin. We serve local and seasonal cuisine, some of which is grown right here on the Taliesin estate. The cafe is part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, which welcomes more than 25,000 annual visitors to Taliesin between April and November.

Education Statement

FAIP participants will experience the “Taliesin Way of Life” within the greater community of architects, organic farmers, students, local artists, chefs, and educators.

FAIP is centered on work-study employment in the Riverview Terrace Cafe, located at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center. Participants experience daily practice in preparing seasonally inspired, regionally reliant meals for the cafe, relying on ingredients primarily sourced from the Taliesin farm and surrounding Driftless region. 

Now accepting applications for the 2020 season.

A 27-week immersive program from late April through October 31, inviting the participant to join the journey throughout the entire seasonal cycle from exploring mindfulness about food, planting and cultivating the crops and gardens, bringing it into the kitchen to create delicious food, and presenting and sharing it with guests. Participants will be immersed in and experience the community life in and around Taliesin