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HIRING: Sous Chef for the Food Artisan Immersion Program

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Food Artisan Immersion Program

Riverview Terrace Cafe & the Food Artisan Immersion Program

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Riverview Terrace”  was his only exclusive restaurant design. It was intended for travelers and locals alike, and to be the gateway to visiting Taliesin. We serve local and seasonal cuisine, some of which is grown right here on the Taliesin estate.

The Riverview Terrace Cafe. The Cafe is currently being operated by the 9 participants of the Food Artisan Program at Taliesin. This is the pilot year of the Food Artisan program. This program has been designed by farm-to-table pioneer and founder of L’Etoile, Odessa Piper.

This work-study culinary program is founded on the principle that respect for nature and all that grows is the beginning of understanding good food. The campus is the Riverview Terrace Café, a restaurant Wright designed alongside the Taliesin organic farm in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area — a picturesque region known for its concentration of organic farms, world-class food and beverage artisans, pristine landscapes and artistic sense of place.

Students prepare seasonally inspired meals with ingredients primarily from the Taliesin farm and surrounding Driftless region. Students will be introduced to key growers, producers, and chefs in the region. All kitchen skills, techniques, recipe development, food-preservation practices, and assigned readings will be taught through the lens of organic values, reflecting the basic human link between healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy communities. Upon completing the spring-to-autumn program, students will have advanced their skills and knowledge in order to pursue further training or employment in the farm-to-table Food Artisan sector.


December-March: Enos Farms Brunch Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

No Brunch on Jan 5 & 6 and 12 & 13. Service will resume on Saturday, January 19.

For more information, please call (877) 588-7900

History of the Riverview Terrace Cafe

In 1953, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a building adjacent to the Taliesin estate, which he called the “gateway” to Taliesin. Wright designed the building to overlook the Wisconsin River and intended it to serve as a restaurant with a meeting room for his potential clients. While the architect began construction on the building in 1953, he was unable to complete it before his death in 1959. His former apprentices completed the building in 1967 and it operated as an independent restaurant, The Spring Green, for 25 years.

In 1993, Taliesin Preservation purchased The Spring Green in order to convert it into a visitor center, with a gift shop and tour program. The building was renovated in 1993 and the next year saw the first full season of tours from the building. Thus, the building finally became the gateway that Wright had envisioned.

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