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DAY IN THE LIFE of…the 2019 FAIP Participants

October 30th, 2019

DAY IN THE LIFE of…2019 Food Artisan Immersion Program Students

1) What’s most surprised you about being a participant in FAIP thus far?
“I was surprised to learn that I have an aptitude for baking. This enlightenment came to me via Odessa (Piper) when I had an opportunity to work with her in the kitchen bakery. I haven’t baked more than a few things before, and this was really fun to get into.”

2) Explain one new technique or other knowledge you’ve gained.
“My favorite new technique came from volunteering to help landscape team members Mike, Alex, and Skye with seeding the prairie on my off day. We started with less than a quarter’s worth of a bucket containing loose, mixed seeds each, and taking small pinches, we would release the seeds into the wind; letting them fall where they might. I found this activity to be rewarding and relaxing.”

“We did a tasting of our wine selection and it was incredibly helpful to sit down and begin to cultivate a vocabulary to think and talk about wine. It’s empowering to be able to make thoughtful recommendations to a guest based on their personal preferences and the meal they’re ordering.”

3) Describe one of your favorite spots to hang out at the Taliesin estate.
“I like the hillside garden a lot. This area is located near hillside school. It is a large, open area with exposed soil for planting herbs and crops.”

“My favorite spot is Phoebe’s point! Mike walked us up there and discussed plant and flower identification. (The landscape crew also done some serious invasive species management along there!) It’s beautiful to walk in this area and be able to now recognize some of the plants and trees.”

4) Is every lunch service in the Riverview Terrace Cafe the same for you? Why or why not?
“It was always different. It’s a new kitchen to all of us so systems are still being worked out; menu items were evolving; and we were learning new skills. Working ‘front of house’ was an opportunity to engage with folks dining in the restaurant. It’s wonderful to get to be a part of someone’s day and talk about who they are, where they’re coming from and what they’re going to eat. That’s new and fresh with every person.”

5) 3-5 words that describe your overall feeling about having been chosen for the program this year.
“Ecstatic, elated, overjoyed, calm and proud!”