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DAY IN THE LIFE of…a ‘Wright’ Homeowner

July 20th, 2019

DAY IN THE LIFE of…a Wright Homeowner

1) What was the thing that surprised you most about owning and living in the Pew House

Eliot Butler: There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not appreciative of the house’s aesthetics. Also how light enters the house varies with the time of day through the shifting seasons, which affects the overall feelings you may experience within the space.

2) Do you have a fave Wright-related quote or saying?

Eliot: One of the home’s previous owners said, “You don’t change a Wright house. A Wright house changes you.” I think there’s a lot of true in that statement…at least for me.

3) Which room to do spend the most time in?

Eliot: The living room is the most utilized. It’s where a lot of my morning routine takes place—plus the whole thing takes on a brilliant, orange glow in the afternoon and at sunset.

4) How would you describe your home in one sentence?

Eliot: It’s a labor of love, but I adore this house. In 2010, I received a Historic Preservation Award from the Madison Trust Historic Preservation for several modifications I made to restore and protect a good number of the house’s original features, in addition to completing masonry work on sections of the outdoor stone.

(The Pew House is located in Madison’s Shorewood Hills neighborhood—and the owner Eliot Butler is also proprietor of local hotspot, The Great Dane Pub and Brewing. And for more information about this historic home, read