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DAY IN THE LIFE of…a Taliesin Fellow

January 6th, 2020

DAY IN THE LIFE of…a Taliesin Fellow

Taliesin fellow and former musical director Effi Casey.

1) Describe your most vivid memory of the fellowship.

Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Wright, along with the other fellows at the time, took my life in a very different direction. I was impacted by the vitality of the group. I took a risk by joining, especially since I didn’t want to be an architect. I had never been to the United States; I had been studying painting and violin in Germany. But I adopted the “follow your bliss” mantra because I wanted to be a part of this.

2) How did your perspective on life evolve through the education and training you received over the years? 

Being in the fellowship fostered a spirit of cooperation. Living in community intensifies all aspects of life: joy, sorrow, responsibility, flexibility, and commitment to each other. We had no need to “own” anything independently, but focused rather on contributing to the idea of the whole. It was always the journey; not the end result.

3) What is one of your favorite places at Taliesin—and other Wright sites around the globe?

On the estate in Spring Green, the Taliesin Living Room. The space embodies calm, harmony, and balance. I also love how dramatically different Taliesin West is from the original property in Wisconsin; Fallingwater for the exquisite integration of structure and nature; and Price House for being such a stunning structure perfectly suited for a desert environment. 

4) Sum up your connection to Taliesin in a few sentences.

Be passionate in all you do by staying curious and living fully. Gratitude is the essence!