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DAY IN THE LIFE of…A Taliesin Docent

June 27th, 2019

DAY IN THE LIFE ofA Taliesin Docent

1) What was the thing that surprised you most about becoming a docent? 

Catherine Boldt: How much I was going to love it! I previously worked in international development and traveled around the world. However over time, the complexity of my disability increased. Now working at Taliesin, the world comes to me and I get to use almost every tool in my skillset: teaching, public speaking, design, language and more. Plus by leading the ADA accessible tours, I get to provide a service to differently abled individuals. 

2) How much new information and techniques have you learned being involved in the tours and summer programming departments?

Cate: I always learn something new in the Adaptive Architecture camp like the fact that there is iron on Mars and what probes have previously been deployed to the planet. I had never imagined myself as a space nerd, but I now own five space-themed shirts.

3) Describe one of your favorite Taliesin memories.

Cate: The first Winter Festival held on the estate in 2015. Riding on the back of a horse-drawn wagon in chilly temps gave me a glimpse of what it would have been like for the extended Wright family living here when the land was first being developed and settled. 

4) Is every tour season the same for you? 

Cate: Each season is similar because I get to be in the most beautiful valley in Wisconsin. But each one is special in its own way too because there are new offerings, in addition to first-time visitors and students joining us for our programming. 

5) Three words which describe the 10 years you’ve worked at Taliesin…

Cate: Fulfilling. Breathtaking. Educational.

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