Shipping from the Gift Shop will be paused from January 1-8, 2022 for annual inventory. All orders will be processed and shipped on Monday, January 10th.

Riverview Terrace Cafe 

Closed for the 2021 Season
Opening Spring 2022

This season will feature a COVID-friendly GRAB & STAY menu available in the cooler in the Gift Shop 7 days a week.  Our ingredients are sourced from neighboring farms (see below) and accented with herbs and edible flowers grown in the kitchen garden on the estate. Daily offerings include a delicious assortment of cookies and crackers made in-house, locally inspired charcuterie with local products, and mouthwatering dips. Limited seating options include a socially distanced dining room and picnic tables overlooking the Wisconsin River. This GRAB & STAY menu will evolve seasonally and dining options may change depending on local health conditions.

Menus subject to change based on seasonality and availability from our Farm Alliances.

For more information, please call (877) 588-7900

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Riverview Terrace”  was his only exclusive restaurant design. It was intended for travelers and locals alike, and to be the gateway to visiting Taliesin. We serve local and seasonal cuisine, some of which is grown right here on the Taliesin estate.

History of the Riverview Terrace Cafe

In 1953, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed a building adjacent to the Taliesin estate, which he called the “gateway” to Taliesin. Wright designed the building to overlook the Wisconsin River and intended it to serve as a restaurant with a meeting room for his potential clients. While the architect began construction on the building in 1953, he was unable to complete it before his death in 1959. His former apprentices completed the building in 1967 and it operated as an independent restaurant, The Spring Green, for 25 years.

In 1993, Taliesin Preservation purchased The Spring Green in order to convert it into a visitor center, with a gift shop and tour program. The building was renovated in 1993 and the next year saw the first full season of tours from the building. Thus, the building finally became the gateway that Wright had envisioned.

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