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Driftless Landscape Tour: 5 Reasons Why it is Not to Be Missed

August 23rd, 2021

5 Reasons Our Driftless Landscape Tour is Not to Be Missed

By: Grace Vosen, tour guide, and Wisconsin Master Naturalist Instructor

5. Fresh air and exercise.

Come take a walk with us! You’ll stroll for an hour on the gentle terrain of Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate. What better way to spend a Saturday morning? (Hikers should also check out our Welsh Hills Trail for the full experience.)

Four people exploring the Driftless Landscape

4. Spaces you don’t get to see up close on other tours.

Find out what’s growing in our kitchen garden and see the machine that made the original roads on the Taliesin estate. While this tour won’t take you indoors, the story outside and between Wright’s buildings is just as interesting, spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

Driftless Landscape

3. Conversations about nature and culture.

Just as we shape the places where we live, these special places affect us. Join us to share your interests — any gardeners, birders, or anglers in the audience? — and your own experiences with the land. There’s no test at the end, but we hope this tour will help you see your own home in a new light. Having these conversations will help us be better stewards of our shared planet.

Guests on the Driftless Landscape, sitting while their guide is speaking.

2. The natural beauty of the Driftless.

Taliesin lies in an area of Wisconsin that was never glaciated. Take in its ancient hills and commune with the prairie as sandhill cranes call overhead. This tour is a perfect time to brush up on your nature knowledge or discover these treasures for the first time.

Visitors exploring the Driftless Landscape

1. The Wright connection, of course!

It all started here for Frank Lloyd Wright. This landscape influenced him during his youth and stayed in his heart, inspiring him throughout his career. Seeing these grounds up close and walking in Wright’s footsteps is part of the ultimate Taliesin experience.

Combine your Driftless Landscape Tour with a tour of Wright’s home or a hike in the Welsh Hills.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York).