How We're Handling COVID-19:
The 2020 Taliesin Tour Season is delayed until May 1, 2020. Please read more about how we're handling the COVID-19 outbreak here and check back for updates as the situation evolves.

The Taliesin Community during COVID-19

In this unprecedented moment, our global community is collectively looking to nature, architecture, culture, and agriculture for new sources of inspiration, healing, and reflection. As a starting point, we invite you to take a virtual tour of Taliesin or hike our Welsh Hills Trail. If you’re able, please also consider donating to Taliesin Preservation and supporting our local artisans in our online store.


Experience the Taliesin estate. With 800-acres and buildings from nearly every decade of Wright's career, you don't want to miss a thing.

Taliesin Preservation Remains Open for Business

Taliesin Preservation is saddened to learn that the School of Architecture at Taliesin (SoAT) has decided to close its doors effective June 2020. SoAT and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, both based in Scottsdale, AZ could not come to terms on how to move forward and keep the school open. Taliesin Preservation is still open for business and our organization is thriving. Wright’s ideas and philosophy on life are as relevant as ever and Taliesin must always remain a place for Organic Living and life-long learning.
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